Platform for the Secure Interconnection of Critical Infrastructures

Excellence Project , funded by the Andalusian Government Research Program (P10-TIC-06334)
Duration: 15/03/2011 to 14/09/2015

Project Overview: 

PISCIS deals with the development of a platform based on security services, which is specifically designed to protect the interconnection between critical control infrastructures. This platform will ensure transparency in the communication processes, scalability and extensibility without inferring complexities in the underlying infrastructures.

For the development, a set of security services, at both high level and low level, are going to be analyzed, designed and implemented by the NICS research group. Particularly, the security services at low level refers to those associated with the communication. They comprise the establishment of secure channels (confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorization, non-reputation and accountability), location privacy of sensor nodes, intrusion detection and quality of service.

Regarding security services at high level, these correspond with those associated to the interconnection and functionality between infrastructures, such as for example: security policy management for the interoperability, trust and reputation management, as well as management of alerts, incidents and response for ensuring prevention. As a result, critical control systems could establish secure communications each other by simply adapting the platform without changing their existing infrastructures, in addition to improving their protection and services against unexpected incidents or threats that could cause devastating effects in cascading.