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Cryptography, Security and Data Protection for Big Data in the Cloud

Project Overview: 

Big Data is rapidly becoming accepted as the future platform for data analytics and business intelligence. The natural home for Big Data is the Cloud, which delivers scalability, elasticity, and flexibility, without the overhead of on-premise infrastructure. But the largest barrier to adoption is security of both the platform and the Cloud.

ZeroDB’s solution DASHR (Delegated Access System for Hadoop based on Re-encryption) enables enterprises to securely move on-premise Hadoop clusters to the Cloud while keeping encryption keys on-premise, as well as enhances the security of existing on-premise deployments, without suffering encryption zone downtime associated with key rotation. DASHR is built on peer-reviewed, proven encryption algorithms, guaranteeing best-in-class data protection.

The role of NICS Lab is to provide our expertise in applied cryptography, in particular with respect to proxy re-encryption algorithms [1][2][3], and in architectures of Big Data frameworks [4].

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