Probabilistic receiver-location privacy protection in wireless sensor networks

TitleProbabilistic receiver-location privacy protection in wireless sensor networks
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsR. Rios, J. Cuellar, and J. Lopez
JournalInformation Sciences
Pagination205 - 223
Date Published07/2015
ISSN Number0020-0255
Keywordsnode capture, privacy, security, traffic analysis, wireless sensor networks

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are continually exposed to many types of attacks. Among these, the attacks targeted at the base station are the most devastating ones since this essential device processes and analyses all traffic generated in the network. Moreover, this feature can be exploited by a passive adversary to determine its location based on traffic analysis. This receiver-location privacy problem can be reduced by altering the traffic pattern of the network but the adversary may still be able to reach the base station if he gains access to the routing tables of a number of sensor nodes. In this paper we present HISP-NC (Homogenous Injection for Sink Privacy with Node Compromise protection), a receiver-location privacy solution that consists of two complementary schemes which protect the location of the base station in the presence of traffic analysis and node compromise attacks. The HISP-NC data transmission protocol prevents traffic analysis by probabilistically hiding the flow of real traffic with moderate amounts of fake traffic. Moreover, HISP-NC includes a perturbation mechanism that modifies the routing tables of the nodes to introduce some level of uncertainty in attackers capable of retrieving the routing information from the nodes. Our scheme is validated both analytically and experimentally through extensive simulations.

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