SECIoT 2012

The Internet of Things

As of 2012, the Internet of Things is a vibrant research field with many challenges that need to be solved. If you want to know more about the Internet of Things, both its academic challenges and the industrial oportunities, these websites provide up-to-date information on the field (valid as of January 2012):

- Think Tank: theinternetofthings
- Postscapes, Tracking the Internet of Things
- Linkedin group on the IoT

In case your interest is of corporate or industrial nature, with a strong focus on discussing the threats and opportunities of the Internet of Things, there are various international events from which we highlight the following ones:

- The Amphion Forum 2012: IoT Security
Munich (March 28), Washington (June), Seoul (September), San Francisco (December)

Finally, in order to acquire or disseminate cutting-edge research knowledge on the Internet of Things, there are various academic conferences and special issues from journals that are relevant to this field. Many of such conferences go beyond the field of computer security, as they also consider other research issues such as architecture, pervasive intelligence, and others. They can be found at this Call for Papers list.

Last Modified: June 2012