Smart and Secure EV Urban Lab II

Second Own Plan of Smart-Campus (UMA)
Duration: 19/11/2020 to 19/11/2022

Project Overview: 

This project aims to extend the previous project ("Smart and Secure EV Urban") to adapt a renewable energy generation and storage system, resulting in one or various microgrids. These microgrids have to (i) integrate a secure control platform capable of monitoring the energy loads provided by the charging points, and (ii) avoid specific cyberattacks against the energy charging infrastructure (e.g., fraude). 

For a secure monitoring of microgrids and their charging points, this new version of the project focuses on implementing a set of security services such as situational awareness, traceability, auditing and accountability. For situational awareness, diverse mechanisms will be contemplated to efficiently manage the possible anomalies of the microgrid/s, such as anomaly-based detection supported through machine-learning techniques, and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) for auditing and accounting. 

Therefore, Smart and Secure EV Urban II focuses on expanding the current resources to offer new research chances and technological advances in this area. This includes to: (i) modernize the automation actions, (ii) establish security, and (iii) contribute with the environment and society by providing a research laboratory “Urban Lab II”  for  experimentation and validation of projects. 

The project is led by two research groups of the University of Malaga, IPLabs and NICS Labs, creating synergy between disciplines (industrial engineering and computer science) and promoting multidisciplarity in the Smart Campus.

Coordination of this project: NICS Lab.