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Juan J. Ortega

Assistant Professor (partial time)

Computer Science Department, University of Malaga
Campus de Teatinos s/n,29071 – Malaga (Spain)
Phone: +(34) 951-9-52763    Fax: +(34) 952-1-31397

Domain of interest and research
  • Formal methods in security protocols
  • Standard ISO 27000, Information Security Management System
  • Security in E-learning
Current research
  • Information Security Systems
  • PhD Computer Engineering, University of Malaga (2005)
  • MSc Computer Science, University of Malaga (1995)
Relevant publications
Attended courses and seminars
  • FOSAD’02, 3rd International School on Foundations of Security Analysis and Design. Bertinoro, Italy, 23-27 September 2002