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NICS Lab (University of Malaga) has deployed the testbed IIoT-Testbed in its facilities to create a realistic environment that accommodates different industrial applications and enables to assess multiple security mechanisms without having to face the investment of deploying a whole industrial infrastructure. Currently, the testbed simulates a renovable energy generation system based on solar, hydraulic and wind systems that makes use of both simulated measurements and real climate values in real time. This data is relayed to the physical sensors of the testbed, which serves as input to the SCADA system in charge of controlling the turbines depending on specific conditions of temperature and humidity.


The architecture of I4Testbed that implements the electricity generation system is shown on the next scheme:


The connectivity scheme of IIoT-Testbed is shown below:

Developments in IIoT-testbed

  1. Advanced detection of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) based on Opinion Dynamics:

This work aims to implement the Opinion Dynamics algorithm to detect anomaly and the health status of an industrial system. The description and the results of this work are explained in more detail both in the paper [1] and at Industrial Anomaly Detection Framework.

  1. Sensor nodes source code:


  1. Juan E. Rubio and Rodrigo Roman and Cristina Alcaraz and Yan Zhang (2019): Tracking APTs in Industrial Ecosystems: A Proof of Concept. In: Journal of Computer Security, vol. 27, pp. 521-546, 2019, ISSN: 0167-4048.