Optimised Multi-Party Certified Email Protocols

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TitleOptimised Multi-Party Certified Email Protocols
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsJ. Zhou, J. A. Onieva, and J. Lopez
JournalInformation Management & Computer Security Journal
ISSN Number0968- 5227
KeywordsCommunication technologies, Telecommunications, Value added

As a value-added service to deliver important data over the Internet with guaranteed receipt for each successful delivery, certified email has been discussed for years and a number of research papers appeared in the literature. But most of them deal with the two-party scenarios, i.e., there are only one sender and one recipient. In some applications, however, the same certified message may need to be sent to a set of recipients. In this paper, we presents two optimized multi-party certified email protocols. They have three major features. (1) A sender could notify multiple recipients of the same information while only those recipients who acknowledged are able to get the information. (2) Both the sender and the recipients can end a protocol run at any time without breach of fairness. (3) The exchange protocols are optimized, each of which have only three steps.

Citation KeyZhou2005
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