Non-repudiation Protocols for Multiple Entities

TitleNon-repudiation Protocols for Multiple Entities
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsJ. A. Onieva, J. Zhou, and J. Lopez
JournalComputer Communications
ISSN Number0140-3664
KeywordsElectronic commerce, fair exchange, group communications, Non repudiation, Security protocol

Non-repudiation is a security service that provides cryptographic evidence to support the settlement of disputes. In this paper, we introduce the state-of-the-art of non-repudiation protocols for multiple entities. We extend an existing multi-party non-repudiation (MPNR) protocol to allow an originator to send different messages to many recipients in a single transaction. We further propose an optimistic multi-party non-repudiation protocol for exchange of different messages. The performance of our protocols with enhanced functionalities is still promising in comparison with existing MPNR protocols.

Citation KeyOnieva2004c
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