Towards Engineering Trust-aware Future Internet Systems

TitleTowards Engineering Trust-aware Future Internet Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsF. Moyano, C. Fernandez-Gago, and J. Lopez
EditorX. Franch, and P. Soffer
Conference Name3rd International Workshop on Information Systems Security Engineering (WISSE 2013)
Series TitleLNBIP
Date PublishedJun 2013
Conference LocationValencia
ISBN Number978-3-642-38489-9
ISSN Number1865-1348
KeywordsReputation, Requirements Engineering, Secure Design, Trust

Security must be a primary concern when engineering Future Internet (FI) systems and applications. In order to achieve secure solutions, we need to capture security requirements early in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Whereas the security community has traditionally focused on providing tools and mechanisms to capture and express hard security requirements (e.g. confidentiality), little attention has been paid to other important requirements such as trust and reputation. We argue that these soft security requirements can leverage security in open, distributed, heterogeneous systems and applications and that they must be included in an early phase as part of the development process. In this paper we propose a UML extension for specifying trust and reputation requirements, and we apply it to an eHealth case study.

Citation Keymoyano13wisse
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