Perspectiva Composicional para el Diseño y la Implementación de una PKI

TitlePerspectiva Composicional para el Diseño y la Implementación de una PKI
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsJ. Lopez, J. A. Montenegro, and J. M. Troya
Conference NameI Congreso Internacional Sociedad de la Información
Conference LocationLas Palmas, Espa

The important role of Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) inside the general scope of Internet communication, and more precisely, inside electronic commerce, has driven us to the revision of actual procedures followed in the development of software of these elements that provide security and trust to the digital certification environment. In this work we introduce the actual results of a joint research project of the Security Group of the University of Malaga and the Department of Technology Innovation of Banesto regarding a PKI implementation. The originality of this work is that we have paid attention not only to functional aspects of the infrastructure, but also to the programming techniques used. Basically, we have developed a solution in which implementation has been guided by the increase in the study of software architectures and those paradigms that have emerged in parallel, as component orientation, software frameworks, and design patterns. The correct use of these techniques provide a different point of view that allows the development of every PKI building block in a modular and independent way.

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