SMEPP: A Secure Middleware for Embedded P2P

TitleSMEPP: A Secure Middleware for Embedded P2P
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsR. J. Caro, D. Garrido, P. Plaza, R. Roman, N. Sanz, and J. L. Serrano
Conference NameICT Mobile and Wireless Communications Summit (ICT-MobileSummit’09)
Date PublishedJune
Conference LocationSantander (Spain)
ISBN Number978-1-905824-12-0

The increasing presence of embedded devices with internet access capabilities constitutes a new challenge in software development. These devices are now cooperating in a distributed manner towards what has been called as "Internet of Things". In this new scenario the client-server model is sometimes not adequate and dynamic ad-hoc networks are more common than before. However, security poses as a hard issue as these systems are extremely vulnerable. In this paper, we introduce SMEPP project, which aims at developing a middleware designed for P2P systems with a special focus on embedded devices and security. SMEPP is designed to be deployed in a wide range of devices. It tries to ease the development of applications hiding platforms details and other aspects such as scalability, adaptability and interoperability. A full implementation of this middleware is already available that incorporates security features specially designed for low-resource devices. Moreover, we describe two business applications being developed using this middleware in the context of "Digital Home" and "Environmental Monitoring in Industrial Environments".

Citation KeyBenito2009
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