Implementation aspects of a delegation system

TitleImplementation aspects of a delegation system
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsI. Agudo, J. Lopez, and J. A. Montenegro
Conference Name3rd international conference on Mobile multimedia communications (MobiMedia ’07)
Conference LocationNafpaktos, Greece
ISBN Number978-963-06-2670-5

In this paper we simulate an authorization and delegation system using knowledge based technology. This proposal is part of a visual tool that is intended to be an implementation of the theoretical model weighted trust graph (WTG). A brief description of WTG Model and its associated tool is included in the text. In essence, the model is based on the inclusion of real numbers between zero and one in certificates to represent the trust level between the entities involved in them. This trust level is used to control delegation. Moreover, attributes from di_erent domains may be interrelated, so attribute delegation is also taken into account. The proposed Simulation Engine supports one directional and bidirectional search algorithms.

Citation KeyAgudo2007
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