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Security and Resilience - Developing an Industry 4.0 Resilient to Complex Attacks through Artificial Inmune Systems Research

Project Overview: 

This project aims to generate disruptive innovations in the field of industrial cybersecurity through a new generation of cybersecurity technologies inspired by the functionalities of the “Human Immune System”. The idea is to protect industries against the well-knwon, complex or unknown cyberattacks, guarantying its security and resilience – and consequently its sustainability, competitiveness and efficiency in the future. 

Therefore, SEGRES aims the conceptualization of a new cybersecurity model with a resilient, holistic and comprehensive approach, inspired by the complex Human Immune System and its different types of barriers and responses. The result will be an “Artificial Immune System” that simulates the functions of the different parts of its equivalent in the human being. In order to achieve this, we will research on technologies related to hybrid models based on Digital Twins, as well as on AI, IoT/IIoT and CPS, among other technologies. 

Proyecto financiado por: