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Trust Model and Management Framework

Project Overview:

NICS Lab has signed a collaboration contract with the multinational telecommunications and mobile technology company, Huawei Technologies, for a period of three years. 

The main objective of this collaboration with the company’s parent company in China and Singapore, and whose technical direction will be carried out by Professor Carmen Fernández Gago, is the creation of a framework for the integration of digital trust and reputation features in the Internet of Things (IoT), to increase the security of this type of scenarios and their applications, and thus ensure that citizens can adapt this technology to their daily lives.

Trust and reputation become key aspects when users of digital technologies are faced with situations in which there is a high level of uncertainty, as is the case in the use of IoT due to the possible cyberthreats it entails. here’s an example, whether global or specific

We must make sure not only that there are security mechanisms enabled in these objects but also that the interactions that are going to take place between them will develop as we expect them to, even if we cannot be sure of them. This is where trust comes into play, to help overcome uncertainty in this type of interactions. 

For the achievement of the project, the NICS group will design an intelligent home laboratory.