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Gestión inteligente de la demanda flexible de energía en redes híbridas acopladas

Project Overview: 

The main objective of GEDERA is the study and development of a multi-agent architecture that allows the development of applications for the smart grid, focusing on the management of flexible electric loads in buildings. The vision of the project is that the multi-agent architecture will enable the possibility of interconnecting various services for data provision, control, prediction, and optimal planning in a transparent and secure way for the user. The results of GEDERA will allows new market players and suppliers of resources, storage, electric vehicles, among others, to develop services and solutions in a fast, secure and compatible manner.

The tasks to be developed by NICS Lab within the scope of the project are related to security analysis of the GEDERA’s platform, as well as the research and development of services for the early detection of threats in the energy flexibility ecosystem.  The ultimate goal is to learn the behavioral patterns of potential attackers in order to improve, on the fly, the defense mechanisms implemented by the platform.