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Collaborative, Multi-modal and Agile Professional Cybersecurity Training Program for a Skilled Workforce In the European Digital Single Market and Industries

Project Overview: 

CyberSecPro aims to promote a new way of training future cybersecurity professionals in Europe based on current market needs. To this end, the project contributes to provide an agile professional program of practical cybersecurity training programs and modules to stimulate specific skills and competencies, involving multiple Higher Education Institutions (HEIs, 14 in total) and security companies (13 in total) from 16 EU countries. All of them aligned to identify current market needs and constantly update training programs, to subsequently achieve mobility, innovation and excellence.

The goal is therefore to enhance the role of HEIs to provide more practical skills capable of impacting and potentially driving a trustworthy digital transformation in critical sectors of the economy. In this sense, the piloting and testing areas within the project and its practical exercises are mainly focused on three sectors, considered today as strategic areas, such as energy, healthcare and maritime. Of these three sectors, NICS Lab is primarily responsible for the design of the curricula portfolio corresponding to the control and energy industry.