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Private and Trustworthy Platform for Big Data Infrastructures

Project Overview: 

Information is one of the main economic drivers of the 21st century. Many companies revolve their businesses around the acquisition and processing of massive amounts of data. But the benefits are not only economic. Big Data technologies offer promising results in fields as diverse as medicine, defence and environment.

Despite the undoubted benefits Big Data brings, this technology is not without its problems. Privacy and information security are crucial for the successful development and acceptance of this paradigm. Even more so when the vast majority of the data that is collected, stored and processed refers to individuals and, therefore, is extremely sensitive personal data. This is why the economic and social impact derived from the use of Big Data will not develop satisfactorily if it is not accompanied by appropriate measures to protect the privacy and security of users. This is precisely the main objective of BIGPrivDATA: to provide mechanisms capable of protecting privacy and security in Big Data environments, and to do so in a reliable manner.

To achieve this goal we will develop a platform that integrates a set of services capable of guaranteeing data privacy and security during the collection, storage, processing and publication of Big Data repositories. Moreover, the platform will include certain services that will enhance trust in service providers thus driving user acceptance on Big Data techniques. This will necessarily have an impact on the expected benefits of Big Data, since the much-demanded Big Data techniques will be able to be developed with security guarantees and without prejudice to the privacy of individuals thanks to BIGPrivDATA.