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Upskilling adults learners with Blockchain basic skills

Project Overview: 

Despite the need for blockchain basic literacy, there are no educational paths addressed to adult learners. Blockchain is a complex concept to understand. Until recently, there were no formal education courses on blockchain. The vast majority of courses on blockchain are for IT specialists and software developers. There is still a large gap in consumable and easily accessible resources to learn about blockchain. In addition, there is also some confusion and lack of clarity of how this technology could be beneficial to the wider public. Thus the project aims at supporting educators and adult learners with training and supporting materials for the achievement of basic digital skills related to blockchain technology. The adult learners will achieve these fundamental skills through flexible and motivating training paths, materials and tools to prepare them for taking advantage of blockchain technology in their daily life and work. The partnership includes 7 partners coming from 6 different countries: Learnable (Italy), ECECE (Austria), Flow Productions (Portugal), EDU PLAYGROUND (Bulgaria), Social Hackers (Greece), the Technology Park of Andalucia and NICS Lab (Spain),

B-SKILLS aims at increasing the supply of high-quality training provision for adult learners through the creation of flexible and engaging training focused on blockchain. This will allow adults to take advantage of one of the most disruptive technologies of the last few years, improving their access to digital services in every aspect of life and their employment opportunities. More precisely, the project will deliver several tangible results: a toolkit for eduators consisting of tools and materials for the implementation of effective traning on blockchain for adult learners; an interactive simulator reproducing how Blockchain works in an accessible and motivating environment to promote learners engagement; and an web-based training course on basic Blockchain competences for adult learners.