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Total Integrated GRid Intelligent System

Project Overview: 

TIGRIS focuses on building an integrated and secure solution that combines the acquisition and management of information coming from different environments and areas, such as smart network devices, street lighting, smart metering y smart building. All of these areas have been developed under a hierarchical architecture (Integrated Systems) in which a set of smart devices have to coexist to interact not only between them but also with external infrastructures, such as the Internet and Cloud infrastructures (through the SaaS layer). Apart from this, TIGRIS also amis to make sure the development of combined elements of renewable microgeneration and lighting.

In this sense, the goal of NICS Lab. has been to address the part of access control, in which a set of mechanisms related to authentication and authorisation have been proposed to make sure the secure interaction through the Cloud[1][2][3][4]. To do this, diverse standards and recommendations (e.g., IEC 62351, NIST-7628 for security in Smart Grids; and NIST-500-299, NIST-500-292 for security in cloud infrastructures) have been contemplated to not only identify problems and extract security requirements, but also to design secure control subdomains, such as substations. This part has been led in conjuction with Schneider Energy.


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