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Security in the Health Networks of the Future

Project Overview: 

The SERSAF project studied the security casuistry that arises under the “Internet of Things” and “Internet of People” paradigms in a complex interaction environment, focused in the Internet of the Future and its application to the provision of healthcare services to citizens. The project aimed to enable the securization of the ecosystem of emerging telemedicine services where the communication of advanced medical equipment, backbone information systems and resource constrained sensors and implantable devices meet together.

In particular, the main goal of the NICS group has been the analysis of crucial healthcare scenarios under current and upcoming applications of telemedicine, as well as the design and development of a framework where essential and advanced security services provided the foundations for the development of a secure telemedicine infrastructure.

In this project, our group has analyzed the specific security requirements which arise under the Internet of Things paradigm in a wide range of relevant healthcare scenarios including telemetry, teleradiology, transmission of dynamic and static images, medical implanted devices, monitorization of mobile patients and remote surgery. Our group has also provided an identification and specification of the security services that would be required to protect the telemedicine infrastructure, as well as a security framework for the interaction and integration of the proposed security services.