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Network of Excellence on Engineering Secure Future Internet Software Services and Systems

Project Overview: 

NESSoS is based on the principle of addressing security concerns from the very beginning in system analysis and design, reducing the amount of system and service vulnerabilities and enabling a systematic treatment of security needs through the engineering process. In order to achieve this, the project aims at constituting and integrating a long lasting research community on this area and at making all the project outcomes reachable to interested communities. This NoE has four well differentiated building blocks: integration, research, dissemination and management.

NICS tasks mainly focus on the first two blocks. As for the first one, NICS is responsible for strengthening the European excellence in the area of secure software services and systems by reducing the fragmentation of communities and defining an integration strategy, enhancing synergies among communities, bridging existing gaps and integrating research agendas, enabling this way the production of research roadmaps.

Regarding the research activities, NICS is involved in the definition, modeling and refinement of security requirements for Future Internet services. Also, NICS is taking part in the development of model-based, compositionality design approaches to leverage new architectures for the Future Internet applications.

NICS chairs the Networking and Liaison Advisory Board (NaLAB) of NESSoS which aims at streghtening the cooperation with other communities for achieving the NoE goals of integrating research communities. The members of this board are a set of experienced researchers that have significant and influential role in their research expertise area.

A Network Activity Board (NAB) has been created for monitoring and assessing the overall scientific and technological progress of the NoE. As leaders of the integration activities block NICS is also part of this board.