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Environment for Building a Cloud of Services for Smart Pavement

Project Overview: 

In order to propel the evolution of the information society in urban environments, citizens will require an ecosystem of services to cover heterogeneous needs with proven security and quality of service. As a consequence, a software infrastructure is required to support the design and development of a cloud of services for the e-Pavement. This project is aimed to provide a technological and methodological environment to support such cloud of services for the smart pavement, a solution that enables the smart cities to offer services based on invisible and sustainable infrastructures. To support such environment, the project covers several elements including: a methodology for the definition and provision of services based on service modeling and automatic generation of service descriptions, techniques to support geolocation services based on a variety of wireless technologies, algorithms for data compression, techniques for digital rights management to prevent duplication and unlawful usage, a methodology to evaluate the quality of services in the e-pavement, a model of quality and a certification model for e-pavement services and last, but not least, the development of navigation, local and social services for such infrastructure. A significant effort in the project is devoted to the provision of security foundations for such infrastructure. On one side, the project addresses the definition of a secure process for e-pavement through the adaptation of the National Secure Schema, as well as related guidelines and standards for the introduced context. On the other side, the project addresses the definition of security mechanisms for the services and infrastructures defined in such environment. The latter will determine the fundamental security aspects that need to be covered to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of communications within the context of the e-pavement, the underlying communications systems and their users. Moreover, Envia addresses the definition of advanced security services to enhance the availability and resilience of the system, as well as intrusion detection and self-healing techniques.