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enlightened Critical Infrastructures Defense

Project Overview: 

eCID is mainly focused on the coordinated interoperability of different critical control systems in charge of monitoring of diverse critical infrastructures, such as transportation systems or energy systems. Basically, the idea is to intelligently manage their respective responses to incidents or threats using a flexible methodology that allows diverse entities to coordinate such responses, as well as providing a simulator able to aid to identify current needs of critical infrastructures, either needs related to technology, organization or resources.

NICS actively participated in all those activities related to the security and protection of critical information infrastructures. For instance, it collaborated in the risk assessment to analyze those actives and threats that might change the current state of the system. Nonetheless, its highlighted role was precisely the specification and design of an intelligent network able to deceive any possible intruder, also known as honeypot network.

The design procedure required a previous analysis of security requirements, hardware and software components and current trap strategies, as well as a management procedure of components and an analysis of interaction among entities to evaluate the threats and vulnerabilities that are originated in real-time. For this last procedure, it was also necessary to identify the current defense strategies in order to provide protection mechanisms to these critical infrastructures.