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The LockPic app has been published in the Android Market

LockPic was one of two applications selected in the 1st Android Application Development Contest at the University of Malaga. It has been recently uploaded to the Android Market and there are plans to release an IOS version in the near future.

LockPic helps you protect private information in images in a secure manner. This is achieved distorting regions in them, e.g. faces, so that people appearing in them cannot be recognized. This way, photographs can be shared in social networks respecting privacy.

The owner of the image can choose who can view which parts of it, and a cloud-based permission management system allows users to recover the information from anywhere.

No part of the original image is stored in the cloud, helping its owner to maintain complete control over it.

This app has been developed by Carlos Pares Pulido, under the supervision of Isaac Agudo, as part of his Bachelor’s thesis. The links to the source code and information on how to build the app is available in the link below.