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NICS Lab participates in the 2nd Huawei Workshop on Building Open Trust Systems

The Workshop raises nontrivial and highly relevant issues related to trustworthiness and trust neutrality.


Huawei Paris Research Center organizes the 2nd Huawei Paris Workshop on Building Open Trust Systems, which takes places in the French city on the 10th and 11th of May. Openness and neutrality are the philosophy of Internet and future new generation communication networks. All the information across Internet and these networks should be equally free and available without trusting any single party. The availability of a centralized and close infrastructure cannot be always guaranteed. The main problem is that the root of trust is always controlled by a single or few parties. Building an open and distributed trust ecosystem is a challenge problem. The Workshop raises nontrivial and highly relevant issues related to trustworthiness and trust neutrality. The presentations will highlight current research trends sharing different visions and depict open challenges covering for example trust definition, trust frameworks design and trust measurement strategies. Discussions and exchanging views through the expert presentations and the panel session will help to have a clear view on innovative and future challenging problems to tackle in the future.

Head of NICS Lab, Javier Lopez, participates in this Workshop with the keynote “Trust Management in the IoT Paradigm”. The intrinsic interconnection in the IoT paradigm is characterized by cooperation of objects to achieve common goals. That interconnection occurs sometimes under uncertainty conditions, which might lead to an undesired final action or even risking that the collaboration happens. Security mechanisms might not be enough in these cases, and design of mechanisms are necessary that allow objects to establish whether the others are going to perform an action in the most successful way. It is here where trust comes to play. Actually, a framework that allows developers to include trust management in IoT environments results of high value, following the phases of the lifecycle of the development of software. In this talk Prof Lopez elaborates on such a framework design, also supporting interoperability between different ways to establish trust for the objects, and considering how trust can change along the development of the software.