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NICS Lab has actively participated in the "European Researchers' Night" presenting DUCA and SecTwin5.0 projects



Cristina Alcaraz has presented the results of DUCA and SecTwin 5.0 research projects during the European Researchers’ Night in Malaga. Her talk, entitled “DUCA and SecTwin 5.0: Cybersecurity, Privacy and Cyber-Resilience“, highlights the relevance of data management and its control for various strategic Internet of Everything environments for Industry 5.0.

Specifically, DUCA is a European project, H20202 Marie-Curie RISE, whose main proposal is to promote the mobility of researchers to European companies and vice versa, and to improve skills and professional curriculum. Basically, the project deals with the issue of digital sovereignty that involves the current concern about the use and control of personal and sensitive data through the Internet. That is why DUCA aims to provide a framework that allows European users and organizations to take control of their data, thus facilitating the confidentiality and protection of their data (including both personal data of citizens and sensitive data produced by organizations). The result will therefore be an unified framework of solutions to enhance security and privacy under the development of a modular architecture and a reference implementation that will also include techniques to measure privacy risk exposure.

On the other hand, SecTwin 5.0 is a highly competitive national R+D project whose main proposal is the establishment of a Cybersecurity Platform for Digital Twins with integration in Industry 5.0 scenarios. For data protection and multiple interactions, the platform must provide security guarantees, allowing humans, software processes, infrastructures, and other Digital Twins to interact in a common space.