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Internet of Things security article in the most downloaded list of the "Computer Networks" journal

Our article “On the Features and Challenges of Security and Privacy in Distributed Internet of Things”, recently published by Computer Networks journal, has been featured in its “most downloaded articles” list. This list provides the most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days, which indexes all Computer Networks issues starting from 1999.


This work discusses the advantages and disadvantages of implementing the vision of the Internet of Things using a distributed approach. In this approach, all entities (ranging from data acquisition networks to centralized cloud-based infrastructures) can have the ability to retrieve, process, combine, and provide information and services to other entities. Moreover, in this work we analyze the impact of the distributed IoT principles (collaboration between entities, edge intelligence) over the existing threats and attacker models, and also study the influence of these principles in the integration of the different security mechanisms. We conclude that, while there are many challenges that need to be solved, the distributed approach can bring numerous benefits to the Internet of Things, such as better privacy controls.