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Security and QoS Tradeoff (SQT) Tool

The Security and QoS Tradeoff (SQT) tool is based on a pre-defined set of parameters and relationships defined at a high-layer of abstraction, focusing on Security and QoS tradeoffs. That means that SQT depends on the set of parameters chosen to operate with the model, and, hence, on the pre-defined behaviour based on the current literature [1]. Moreover, a Security and QoS Tradeoff Recommendation System (SQT-RS) is implemented according to [2]. SQT-RS defines the concepts of requirement, goal and recommendation for CPRM-based systems, and the set of facts and rules to perform the inference process to identify the best configuration or recommendations given the requirements and goals selected by the user. Furthermore, SQT-RS integrates the operations to enable a basic set of parameters to be enhanced, dynamically, based on the problem and the knowledge available at a given time, in the environment [3].


SQT: MATLAB (R2013b), Graphviz.

SQT-RS: MATLAB (R2013b), Graphviz, CLIPS.


To access the software for downloading, please contact with Ana Nieto.


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