An Effective Multi-layered Defense Framework Against Spam

TitleAn Effective Multi-layered Defense Framework Against Spam
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsJ. Zhou, W-Y. Chin, R. Roman, and J. Lopez
JournalInformation Security Technical Report
ISSN Number1363-4127
KeywordsNetwork Security, Security service, Spam

Spam is a big problem for email users. The battle between spamming and anti-spamming technologies has been going on for many years. Though many advanced anti-spamming technologies are progressing significantly, spam is still able to bombard many email users. The problem worsens when some anti-spamming methods unintentionally filtered legitimate emails instead! In this paper, we first review existing anti-spam technologies, then propose a layered defense framework using a combination of anti-spamming methods. Under this framework, the server-level defense is targeted for common spam while the client-level defense further filters specific spam for individual users. This layered structure improves on filtering accuracy and yet reduces the number of false positives. A sub-system using our pre-challenge method is implemented as an add-on in Microsoft Outlook 2002. In addition, we extend our client-based pre-challenge method to a domain-based solution thus further reducing the individual email users’ overheads.

Citation KeyZhou2007
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