Anonymity 2.0: X.509 Extensions Supporting Privacy-friendly Authentication

TitleAnonymity 2.0: X.509 Extensions Supporting Privacy-friendly Authentication
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsV. Benjumea, S. G. Choi, J. Lopez, and M. Yung
Conference NameSixth International Workshop on Cryptology and Network Security (CANS’07)
Series TitleLNCS
Date PublishedDecember
Conference LocationSingapore

We present a semantic extension to X.509 certificates that allows incorporating new anonymity signature schemes into the X.509 framework. This fact entails advantages to both components. On the one hand, anonymous signature schemes benefit from all the protocols and infrastructure that the X.509 framework provides. On the other hand, the X.509 framework incorporates anonymity as a very interesting new feature. This semantic extension is part of a system that provides user’s controlled anonymous authorization under the X.509 framework. Additionally, the proposal directly fits themuch active Identity 2.0 effort,where anonymity is a major supplementary feature that increases the self-control of one’s identity and privacy which is at the center of the activity.

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