A Study of Security Approaches for the Development of Mobile Grid Systems

TitleA Study of Security Approaches for the Development of Mobile Grid Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsD. G. Rosado, E. Fernandez-Medina, and J. Lopez
Conference Name5th International Conference on Software and Data Technologies (ICSOFT’10)
Date Publishedjuly
Conference LocationAthens, Greece
ISBN Number978-989-8425-22-5

Mobile Grid systems allow us to build highly complex information systems with various and remarkable features (interoperability between multiple security domains, cross-domain authentication and authorization, dynamic, heterogeneous and limited mobile devices, etc), which demand secure development methodologies to build quality software, offering methods, techniques and tools that facilitate the work of the entire team involved in software development. These methodologies should be supported by Grid security architectures that define the main security aspects to be considered, and by solutions to the problem of how to integrate mobile devices within Grid systems. Some approaches regarding secure development methodologies of Grid security architectures and of the integration of mobile devices in the Grid have been found in literature, and these are analyzed and studied in this paper, offering a comparison framework of all the approaches related to security in Mobile Grid environments.

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