Obtaining Security Requirements for a Mobile Grid System

TitleObtaining Security Requirements for a Mobile Grid System
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsD. G. Rosado, E. Fernandez-Medina, and J. Lopez
JournalInternational Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing
Date PublishedJan 2009
ISSN Number1938-0259

Mobile Grid includes the characteristics of the Grid systems together with the peculiarities of Mobile Computing, withthe additional feature of supporting mobile users and resources ina seamless, transparent, secure and efficient way. Security ofthese systems, due to their distributed and open nature, isconsidered a topic of great interest. We are elaborating amethodology of development to build secure mobile grid systemsconsidering security on all life cycle. In this paper we present thepractical results applying our methodology to a real case,specifically we apply the part of security requirements analysis toobtain and identify security requirements of a specific applicationfollowing a set of tasks defined for helping us in the definition,identification and specification of the security requirements onour case study. The methodology will help us to build a securegrid application in a systematic and iterative way.

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