Engineering Process Based On Grid Use Cases For Mobile Grid Systems

TitleEngineering Process Based On Grid Use Cases For Mobile Grid Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsD. G. Rosado, E. Fernandez-Medina, J. Lopez, and M. Piattini
Conference NameThird International Conference on Software and Data Technologies (ICSOFT’08)
Conference LocationPorto, Portugal
ISBN Number978-3-642-05200-2
ISSN Number1865-0929


The interest to incorporate mobile devices into Grid systems has arisen with two main purposes. The firstone is to enrich users of these devices while the other is that of enriching the own Grid infrastructure.Security of these systems, due to their distributed and open nature, is considered a topic of great interest. Aformal approach to security in the software life cycle is essential to protect corporate resources. However,little attention has been paid to this aspect of software development. Due to its criticality, security should beintegrated as a formal approach into the software life cycle. We are developing a methodology ofdevelopment for secure mobile Grid computing based systems that helps to design and build secure Gridsystems with support for mobile devices directed by use cases and security use cases and focused onservice-oriented security architecture. In this paper, we will present one of the first steps of ourmethodology consisting of analyzing security requirements of mobile grid systems. This analysis will allowus to obtain a set of security requirements that our methodology must cover and implement.



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