On the Hardware Implementation Efficiency of Cryptographic Primitives

TitleOn the Hardware Implementation Efficiency of Cryptographic Primitives
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsR. Roman, C. Alcaraz, and N. Sklavos
EditorJ. Lopez, and J. Zhou
Book TitleWireless Sensor Network Security
PublisherIOS Press
ISBN Number978-1-58603-813-7

Security has been proven a crucial factor in the provision of data services and especially in the computer-related environments. While wired and wireless networks come to all sectors of everyday life, security tries to satisfy the growing needs for confidentiality, integrity and non-repudiation. There are many instances of security primitives and each one of them has different requirements in terms of processing power, word size, etc. Therefore, it is important to review the functionality of the less resource-demanding encryption algorithms in order to analyze their theoretical suitability to the existent sensor node hardware. Still, the constraints inherent to the sensor nodes advise against the total dependence on software-based implementations, even more in the case of expensive primitives.

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