The Role of Wireless Sensor Networks in the Area of Critical Information Infrastructure

TitleThe Role of Wireless Sensor Networks in the Area of Critical Information Infrastructure
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsR. Roman, C. Alcaraz, and J. Lopez
JournalInformation Security Technical Report
ISSN Number1363-4127
KeywordsCritical Information Infrastructure Protection, Network Security, wireless sensor networks

Critical Infrastructures, such as energy, banking, and transport, are an essential pillar to the well-being of the national and international economy, security and quality of life. These infrastructures are dependent on a spectrum of highly interconnected information infrastructures for their smooth, reliable and continuous operation. The field of protecting such Critical Information Infrastructures, or CIIP, faces numerous challenges, such as managing the secure interaction between peers, assuring the resilience and robustness of the overall system, and deploying warning and alert systems, amongst others. In this tapestry of CIIP, Wireless Sensor Networks can be used as an invaluable tool due to their intelligent distributed control capabilities, alongside with their capability to work under severe conditions. In this paper, we justify why Wireless Sensor Networks technology is suitable for providing security for these scenarios, describing both their advantages and research issues and their role in the overall scheme of protecting the Critical Information Infrastructures.

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