Attacking an asynchronous multi-party contract signing protocol

TitleAttacking an asynchronous multi-party contract signing protocol
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsJ. A. Onieva, J. Zhou, and J. Lopez
Conference NameProceedings of 6th International Conference on Cryptology in India
Series TitleLNCS
Date PublishedDecemeber
Keywordsmulti-party contract signing, Secure electronic commerce, security protocol analysis

Contract signing is a fundamental service in doing business. The Internet has facilitated the electronic commerce, and it is necessary to find appropriate mechanisms for contract signing in the digital world. From a designing point of view, digital contract signing is a particular form of electronic fair exchange. Protocols for generic exchange of digital signatures exist. There are also specific protocols for two-party contract signing. Nevertheless, in some applications, a contract may need to be signed by multiple parties. Less research has been done on multi-party contract signing. In this paper, we analyze an optimistic N-party contract signing protocol, and point out its security problem, thus demonstrating further work needs to be done on the design and analysis of secure and optimistic multi-party contract signing protocols.

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