On the Protection and Technologies of Critical Information Infrastructures.

TitleOn the Protection and Technologies of Critical Information Infrastructures.
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsJ. Lopez, C. Alcaraz, and R. Roman
Book TitleOn Foundations of Security Analysis and Design IV, FOSAD 2006/2007, Springer
Series TitleLNCS
ISSN Number0302-9743
KeywordsCritical Information Infrastructure Protection, wireless sensor networks

Critical Infrastructures are complex and highly interconnected systems that are crucial for the well-being of the society. Any type of failure can cause significant damage, affecting one or more sectors due to their inherent interdependency. Not only the infrastructures are critical, but also the information infrastructures that manage, control and supervise them. Due to the seriousness of the consequences, the protection of these critical (information) infrastructures must have the highest priority. It is the purpose of this book chapter to review and discuss about these infrastructures, to explain their elements, and to highlight their research and development issues. This chapter will also discuss the role of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology in the protection of these infrastructures.

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