Multi-Party Nonrepudiation: A survey

TitleMulti-Party Nonrepudiation: A survey
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsJ. A. Onieva, J. Zhou, and J. Lopez
JournalACM Comput. Surveys
Date PublishedDecember
ISSN Number0360-0300
KeywordsMultiparty applications, multiparty protocols, nonrepudiation

Nonrepudiation is a security service that plays an important role in many Internet applications. Traditional two-party nonrepudiation has been studied intensively in the literature. This survey focuses on multiparty scenarios and provides a comprehensive overview. It starts with a brief introduction of fundamental issues on nonrepudiation, including the types of nonrepudiation service and cryptographic evidence, the roles of trusted third-party, nonrepudiation phases and requirements, and the status of standardization. Then it describes the general multiparty nonrepudiation problem, and analyzes state-of-the-art mechanisms. After this, it presents in more detail the 1-N multiparty nonrepudiation solutions for distribution of different messages to multiple recipients. Finally, it discusses advanced solutions for two typical multiparty nonrepudiation applications, namely, multiparty certified email and multiparty contract signing.

Citation KeyJoseA.Onieva2008a
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