Pervasive Authentication and Authorization Infrastructures for Mobile Users

TitlePervasive Authentication and Authorization Infrastructures for Mobile Users
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsJ. Forne, F. Hinajeros, A. Marin, F. Almenarez, J. Lopez, J. A. Montenegro, M. Lacoste, and D. Diaz
JournalComputer and Security
ISSN Number0167-4048

Network and device heterogeneity, nomadic mobility, intermittent connectivity and, more generally, extremely dynamic operating conditions, are major challenges in the design of security infrastructures for pervasive computing. Yet, in a ubiquitous computing environment, limitations of traditional solutions for authentication and authorization can be overcome with a pervasive public key infrastructure (pervasive-PKI). This choice allows the validation of credentials of users roaming between heterogeneous networks, even when global connectivity is lost and some services are temporarily unreachable. Proof-of-concept implementations and testbed validation results demonstrate that strong security can be achieved for users and applications through the combination of traditional PKI services with a number of enhancements like: (i) dynamic and collaborative trust model, (ii) use of attribute certificates for privilege management, and (iii) modular architecture enabling nomadic mobility and enhanced with reconfiguration capabilities.

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