BAAI: Biometric Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure

TitleBAAI: Biometric Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsE. Dawson, J. Lopez, J. A. Montenegro, and E. Okamoto
Conference NameIEEE International Conference on Information Technology (ITRE’03)
ISBN Number0780377249

The combined use of authorization and authentication infrastructures has led to AAIs (authorization and authentication infrastructures). These new infrastructures supply identification and authorization services to a distributed environment There are many possibilities of linkages to get AAIs; one of them is to include the PMI (privilege management infrastructure) as authorization infrastructure and an authentication infrastructure that can be a PKI (public key infrastructure) or kerberos. This symbiosis gives service to applications and servers. However, in physical environments where the physical presence of an individual is required, it is necessary to use biometric systems. This paper describes the development of a solution that combines the relationship between the biometric based systems and the PMIs to finally obtain the biometric AAI.

DOI10.1109/ITRE.2003.1270620} month={august
Citation KeyEdDawson2003