Awareness and Reaction Strategies for Critical Infrastructure Protection

TitleAwareness and Reaction Strategies for Critical Infrastructure Protection
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsL. Cazorla, C. Alcaraz, and J. Lopez
JournalComputers and Electrical Engineering
ISSN Number0045-7906
KeywordsControl systems, Countermeasures, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Intrusion Detection and Response Systems

Current Critical Infrastructures (CIs) need intelligent automatic active reaction mechanisms to protect their critical processes against cyber attacks or system anomalies, and avoid the disruptive consequences of cascading failures between interdependent and interconnected systems. In this paper we study the Intrusion Detection, Prevention and Response Systems (IDPRS) that can offer this type of protection mechanisms, their constituting elements and their applicability to critical contexts. We design a methodological framework determining the essential elements present in the IDPRS, while evaluating each of their sub-components in terms of adequacy for critical contexts. We review the different types of active and passive countermeasures available, categorizing them and assessing whether or not they are suitable for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). Through our study we look at different reaction systems and learn from them how to better create IDPRS solutions for CIP. 

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