Diagnosis Mechanism for Accurate Monitoring in Critical Infrastructure Protection

TitleDiagnosis Mechanism for Accurate Monitoring in Critical Infrastructure Protection
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsC. Alcaraz, and J. Lopez
JournalComputer Standards & Interfaces
ISSN Number0920-5489

 Situational awareness for critical infrastructure protection, such as for energy control systems, has become a topic of interest in recent years. Despite attempts to address this area of research, more progress is still necessary to find attractive solutions that help bring about prevention and response at all times from anywhere and at any time. Given this need, we therefore propose in this paper, a smart mechanism able to offer a wide-area situational awareness with the ability to: (i) Control the real state of the observed infrastructure, (ii) respond to emergency situations and (iii) assess the degree of  ccuracy of the entire control system. To address these aspects, the mechanism is based on a hierarchical configuration of industrial sensors for control, the ISA100.11a standard for the prioritization and alarm management, and the F-Measure technique to study the level of accuracy of a sensor inside a neighbourhood. As proof of the functionality and feasibility of the mechanism for critical contexts, a software application implemented in nesC and Java is also presented in this paper.

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