News about the SACO project in Uciencia

The NICS Lab at the University of Malaga (UMA) participes in the development of a new cyber-security training simulator together with the COSEC Lab at the University Carlos III (UC3M) and the Indra company. This simulator is aimed to train both professionals and members of the state security forces

Internet of Things security article in the most downloaded list of the "Computer Networks" journal

Our article "On the Features and Challenges of Security and Privacy in Distributed Internet of Things", recently published by Computer Networks journal, has been featured in its "most downloaded articles" list. This list provides the most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days, which indexes all Computer Networks issues starting from 1999.

Wide-Area Situational Awareness for Critical Infrastructure Protection

The article "Businesses Take Cyber Security Seriously" has recently been published by the THE INSTITUTE, the member newspaper of the IEEE, in order to highlight the relevance of protecting information systems against cyber-threats. The vast majority of these systems are integrated inside critical infrastructures to manage their services themselves, such as banks, energy systems, control systems, etc. The article also stresses some interesting cyber-defense solutions which have recently been published in the IEEE Computer Magazine, and among them, our paper "Wide-Area Situational Awareness (WASA) methodological framework for critical infrastructure protection".

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