A Public Key Infrastructure for User Identification

TitleA Public Key Infrastructure for User Identification
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsJ. Lopez, A. Mana, and J. J. Ortega
Conference NameIFIP Working Conference on User Identification and Privacy Protection
Date PublishedJune
Conference LocationStockholm, Sweden

While there is wide agreement on the immense potential of Internet, its growth and performance are adversely affected by security issues. Despite its impressive size, scope and reach, the Internet has not yet become a common vehicle for many of these new possibilities. Progress in fields as electronic commerce and government-citizen relationships have been limited by the open design of the network itself. Today, Public-Key Infrastructures are the basis of the protocols and tools needed to guarantee the security demanded in those fields. Trust management and user identification are also important issues that remain unresolved. This paper introduces a key management and user identification system, named Cert’eM, that is based on the electronic mail service. Cert’eM provides important advantages over existing Public-Key Infrastructures and user identification proposals.

Citation KeyJavierLopez1999a
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