Algorithms for Guiding Clausal Temporal Resolution

TitleAlgorithms for Guiding Clausal Temporal Resolution
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsC. Fernandez-Gago, M. Fisher, and C. Dixon
Conference Name25th Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI’02)
Series TitleLNAI
Date PublishedSeptember
Conference LocationAachen, Germany
KeywordsTemporal logic, temporal resolution

Clausal temporal resolution is characterised by a translation of the formulae whose satisfiability is to be established to a normal form, step resolution (similar to classical resolution) on formulae occurring at the same states and temporal resolution between formulae describing properties over a longer period. The most complex part of the method occurs in searching for candidates for the temporal resolution operation, something that may need to be carried out several times. In this paper we consider a new technique for finding the candidates for the temporal resolution operation. Although related to the previously developed external search procedure, this new approach not only allows the temporal resolution operation to be carried out at any moment, but also simplifies any subsequent search required for similar temporal formulae. Finally, in contrast with previous approaches, this search can be seen as an inherent part of the resolution process, rather than an external procedure that is only called in certain situations.} year = {2002

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